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Kind Attention Visitor: All public Museums and Monuments including Taj Mahal will remain closed till March 31, 2020 to combat the spread of Corona Virus.
Same Day Agra Tour By Car

Duration : Same Day Tour

Destination : Agra

Same Day Agra Tour By Car from Delhi

Agra is the the beautiful city of Taj, is certainly a traveler's paradise. Not just because this city is bestowed with best of history and architecture, and absolutely not just because it has Taj Mahal (arguably the most beautiful monument in the world), but because it offers you many more attractions to lure your eyes and your soul.

People from all across the globe visit Agra to explore Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. However, most of them simply ignore the beauty residing in the streets of Agra, in the markets of Agra. In the Same Day Agra Tour by Car Same Day Luxury Tours will take you deep within those attractions most of the people generally ignore.

The journey starts from the National Capital of New Delhi and ends at the same place on the same day, after covering some mesmerizing attractions in Agra.

Note: Below is the suggested itinerary. It can be customized as per your choice and taste. For your choice, we can arrange a train journey from Agra to Delhi when you return or vice-versa.

Detailed Itinerary of Same Day Agra Tour By Car

One day agra tour by car

Morning, 06:00 AM: Pick up from Delhi.

Early in the morning, our driver shall reach your hotel or Indira Gandhi International Airport to pick you up. After a warm welcome, get into a comfortable car and we shall start driving towards Agra.

After around 3 and a half hours of pleasant drive, we reach Agra and explore our first destination, the Taj Mahal.

Agra Tour By Car

09:00 AM: Visit Taj Mahal.

Morning is the best time to visit Taj Mahal, in all seasons. During hot summers of India, this is the time when you can have the best sight without getting tired of heat. During winters, the cool breeze passing over the River Yamuna makes your experience even more enjoyable. And during monsoons, the lush greenery around the Taj gives you best of the mornings.

Taj Mahal, a monument that has already been said and written about, is a wonderful monument built on the banks of River Yamuna. The history of Taj goes approx. 400 years back when Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan decided to build a monument for his beautiful wife Mumtaj Mahal who died while giving birth to their 14th child. Over 20,000 people were employed for 22 years, resulting in the most beautiful monument on Earth.

Taj Mahal is often called the "Symbol of Love" and is counted among the "Seven Wonders of the World" for its unbelievable architecture. A central tomb, surrounded by four huge minarets, houses the graves of the Emperor and the Queen. The entire premise is covered by a beautiful garden called Char-Bagh pattern. And in the backyard is flowing River Yamuna, making the corridor a beautiful place to spend some time at.

Spend some time here, appraising the beauty of Taj, before heading to our next destination, the Agra Fort.

One Day Taj Mahal Tour By Car

12:00 Noon: Visit Agra Fort.

If Taj Mahal was the joy indicator for Shah Jahan, Agra Fort was the end of his joyful life. This is because Agra Fort is the same place where Shah Jahan was kept in prison by his son, Aurangzeb, during his last days until his death.

Agra Fort, one of the largest forts in India, is the real storyteller of the Mughal Empire. It was built by the third great Mughal Emperor Akbar, he started the construction in 1565 AD. Ofcourse, 4 generations were involved in the completion of the fort and more importantly, this fort laid the roots of Mughal Empire in Agra, eventually making Agra the center of powers.

01:30 PM: Lunch.

After Agra Fort, we'll go to a 5-star restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch. Agra is globally famous for its rich cuisines, right from traditional Mughalai cuisines to continental and Indian fast food. Enjoy your lunch and spend some time in leisure before starting next venture. Then we'll go for a brief walk in the local bazaar.

3:00 PM: Shopping.

A journey to Agra is incomplete without wandering in the local craft factories and shopping for finely-crafted handmade items. Agra is globally known and recognized for its Marble Inlay work, hand knotted carpets, fine embroidery brocades and Mughal jewelry. Since Agra was the Mughal Capital and hence, they had their ateliers for fine handmade jewelry, for the ladies of the royal Harem.

The local craft factories of Agra are known for making and selling beautiful handmade items of marble. You may buy high-quality embroidery purses/handbags and smaller replicas of Taj as a souvenir. Also, you may try some sweets including the world famous Agra ka Petha, a dish made of ash ground vegetable.

05:00 PM: Departure.

After a lavish day, it's time to return home. Ride into the car as we start driving towards New Delhi. Alternatively, our driver can transfer you to Agra Cantt. Railway Station from where you can catch your train back Delhi.
Upon arrival to Delhi, our driver shall drop you to the Airport or your hotel. The Same Day Agra Tour by Car ends here. Thank you for being a wonderful traveler.

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